Ken Stothard was born in 1934 near Burgh-le-Marsh in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom. After doing his National Service in the RAF, He took an honours degree in French at Nottingham University with a short stint at Strasbourg.

While he was at Nottingham he had the benefit of attending lectures by recognised theologians like Alan Richardson, F.F.Bruce, O.Cullmann, Bp S.Neill, J.I.Packer and J.N.D.Anderson. He acquired a deep interest in systematic theology and began to read avidly – a habit he has maintained for 50 years.

While on a teaching contract in New Zealand, He abandoned the Methodism in which he was brought up and prepared for ministry in the Presbyterian Church, which did not materialise.

Back in England he became disturbed by his failure to find traditional Reformed covenant theology adequate to support the practice of infant baptism. He eventually came up with what he considered a more biblical understanding of covenant.

From 1970-72 he spent a good deal of time writing a book challenging the church. Despite failure to find a publisher, he continued serious study. The result of this will become apparent from a reading of the articles on this site.

He has been a lay preacher for the last 35 years in England and Australia, and served as minister of the Essendon Church of Christ (Australia) from 1988 to 1999.