Ken Stothard

Ken Stothard is a writer, preacher and protestant evangelical theologian. He has had a deep interest in systematic theology for 50 years. To read his articles, click on the links below.

1 Corinthians 15

A Brief Critique of ‘Surprised by Hope’ by Tom Wright

A Brief Review of ‘The Mission of God’ by C.J.H.Wright

A Double Helping

A Summary of Reasons Against the Return of Christ to Earth

Adam – Part 1 – Adam’s Pedigree And Goal

Adam – Part 2 – Individual and Community

Adam – Part 3 – The Two Adams

Adam’s Genealogy and Destiny

Adding to Scripture in Romans

An Alternative Approach to Infant Baptism

An Exact Parallel?

Animal Rights

Another Shot at Romans 8:18-25

Are Babies Saved?

Are Believers Butterflies?

Are We Born Innocent?

Are We Frauds?

Are We Sinners by Birth?

Augustine: Asset or Liability?

Baillie and Packer on Kenosis

Baptism And Identification

Baptism Revisited

Biblical Dualism

Birth Sin


Cart-Before-The-Horse Theology

Challenging The Church

Christ the Conqueror

Christ the Only Way

Christianity – An Alternative Approach

Christianity Simply and Briefly Explained


Circumcision and Baptism

Comment On ‘Why On Earth Did Jesus Come? by John Blanchard

Concerning Creation

Concerning Futility

Concerning Identity and Nature

Concerning Infant Salvation

Concerning Original Righteousness

Congenital Considerations

Correcting Traditional Distortions Of Scripture


Cosmic Curse?

Covenant Continuity and Discontinuity

Covenant Theology

Covenant Theology in Brief

Creation and / or Evolution

Creation: Evolution, Recapitulation, Perfection

Creation Corruptible By Nature

Cur Deus Homo or Why the Incarnation?

D.M.Lloyd-Jones and J.Murray on the Imputation of Adam’s Sin

Death and Corruption

Death Before Genesis 3

Did God Make a Covenant with Creation?

Did Jesus Perform Miracles?

Did Jesus Rise Physically From The Grave?

Does Romans Teach Original Sin?

Epitome – Jesus The Epitome Of Recapitulation


Eternal Son?

Evangelical Fallacies

Evangelicals and Creationists

Exercising Dominion

Faith and Invisibility – Seeing the Invisible

Fatal Flaws

Fruitlessness and Destruction

Following Jesus

From Here to Eternity

Further Reflection on Romans 8:18-25 – An Alternative Approach

Geisler on the Redemption of Creation

Glorifying God

Have We Inherited Lies?

Human Nature

Human Personhood

I Believe in Recapitulation

If the Individual Recapitulates in Miniature the History of the Race …



Interpreting John 3:5

Interpreting Romans 7

Is Jesus Coming Back to Earth?

Israel and Replacement

Jesus and Creation

Jesus and the Plan of Salvation

Jesus the Epitome of Evolution (Perfection)

Jesus the Man

Jesus The Perfected Man – The Epitome of Creation and Evolution

Job And Romans 8:18-25

John Stott on the Putative Resurrection Transformation of Jesus

J.I.Packer on Original Sin

Knowledge And Rationality

Law and Sin

Learning from Nature

Man’s Creation and Perfection (Evolution) Tabulated

Man’s Fourfold State

Manufactured Or Not So

More Arguments on Original Sin

More Meditation on Creation, Evolution and Recapitulation

More Meditation On Original Sin

More on Docetism

More Thoughts on Adam

Nature and Original Sin

Nature Red in Tooth and Claw

No Going Back

No Law No Sin

No Return To Corruption

Not Only But Also

Notes on the Eternal Son

Nullified by Tradition

Observations on The Curse

Old Testament Intimations of Heavenly Immortality

On Seeing, Hearing And Touching

Our Fleshly Bodies

Our Heavenly Call


Preunderstandings of the Millennium?

Profiling Modern Pharisaism

Promise and Performance

Re-Instating The Elder Son

Re Resurrection Transformation

Re The Body of The Resurrected Jesus

Recapitulating Old Testament Miracles

Recapitulation in Outline

Redemption Applied (Order of Salvation)

Redemption or Replacement

Regarding the Baptism of Jesus

Regarding the Restoration of Creation

Repeating the Pattern

Restoration and Replacement

Restoration and Resurrection

Romans 8:18-25

Romans 8:18-25 In Brief

Romans and Plain Logic


Short Arguments Against Original Sin in Romans

Sin And Nature

Sin and the Distortion of Scripture

Sketching Human Creation and Evolution

Solidarity and Separation

Some Arguments Against Original Sin

Some Implications of the Redemption of Creation


Still Docetic

Straightforward Arguments against the Imputation of Adam’s Sin to his Posterity

Summary of the Relationship Between Genesis 3:15-19 and Romans 8:18-25

Supplement to ‘Cosmic Curse?’

Ten More Theses

Ten Points to Bear in Mind When Considering the Redemption of the Material Creation

The Ascending Adam

The Ascending Jesus

The Ascent of Man

The Barrier

The Betrayal of the Reformation

The Biblical Doctrine Of Human Evolution

The Biblical Worldview

The Binding of the Devil

The Book of Revelation and Romans 8:18-25

The Case Against the Redemption of Creation

The Chicken or the Egg

The Correspondence Between John 3:1-8 and 1 Corinthians 15:35-57

The Correspondence Between Romans 8:12-25 and 2 Corinthians 4:7-5:10

The Correspondance between 2 Peter & Hebrews 12 and The Curse

The Corruptibility Of Creation

The Days of Creation

The Destruction of the Material Creation

The Doctrine of Regeneration

The Ecclesiastical Christ

The End of the World

The End of the World 2

The Essence of the Case Against the Redemption of Creation

The Exaltation Of Jesus

The Extent of the Flood

The Fatherhood of God

The Flesh

The Flesh A Slave

The Goodness of Creation

The Harvest of the Earth

The Heavenly Body

The Household of God and the Plan of Salvation

The Human Condition

The Human Path to Perfection

The Human Pilgrimage from Ground to Glory

The Human Story

The Journey of Jesus

The Order of Salvation

The Order of Salvation in Romans

The Pattern of Sin

The Pejorative Nature of the Flesh and Materiality

The Perfection of Paul the Apostle

The Plan of Salvation – in outline (1)

The Plan of Salvation (2)

The Plan of Salvation (3)

The Redundancy Of Original Sin

The Relationship Between Genesis 3:15-19 and Romans 8:18-25

The Relevance and Importance of the Covenant with Noah

The Resurrection Glorification of Jesus

The Resurrection Of The Body

The Sins of the Churches

The Story (or Golden Chain) of Salvation

The Testing Ground

The Theology Behind Baptism

The Transience of Creation

The Two Ages

Theological Musings on sin, creation, the body and glorification, etc

Thirty Years On

Thoughts On ‘Adam, The Fall And Original Sin’

Thoughts on Romans 5:12-14

Thoughts on Sin in Romans

Thoughts on the Redemption of Creation

Topsy-Turvy Theology

Towards a Theodicy

Transgression And Transformation

Twenty-Four Hours? – Reasons why I believe the Genesis days are undefined periods of time

Two ‘Natural’ Necessities

Two Seeds

Understanding God

Understanding the Curse

Was Jesus Born Again?

What About The Heathen?

What Fall?

What is Christianity?

What Was The Garden Of Eden?

What’s Wrong with the Church and Evangelicalism

When Christ Comes Again

When Was Jesus Transformed?

Who Are The Sons of God in Genesis 6:1-4?

Who Goes to Heaven?

Why and How We Must Be Born Again

Why I am a Baptist

Why I Believe in the Virgin Birth

Why Infant Baptism is Unchristian

Why the Biblical Stress on Invisibility?

Why the Coronavirus?

Will Creation Be Redeemed?

With What Kind Of A Body Do They Come?